Mystery Hunt

What is Mystery Hunt? Mystery hunt is an online game in which we have to find hidden keys in objects or places by following a series of clues. My friend has buried a treasure in the vast world wide web. To open it we need 12 keys in total. We don't know where the treasure is exactly located. Luckily we have the clue to find the first key using which we can find the clue to the next key. We don't want to be selfish and keep the treasure with us. Unity is Strength. So it is best to share the clues with the fellow hunters.

Game Rules

  • Use PC for best experience.
  • It is not a team event.
  • The first one to send the required keys(12) to will be the winner.
  • Follow our Facebook page for clues.
  • This event has ended but still you can try to solve the mystery.

Contact: For questions or concerns, we can be contacted at: or +91 8754801791.